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Attwood Dual Ring Folding Drink Holder (Black)

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Attwood Dual Ring Folding Drink Holder (Black)

The Attwood Dual-Ring Folding Drink Holder holds a wide variety of drinks.  From coffee mugs with a handle, 12-ounce cans, bottles or even insulated drink coozie, this folding boat cup holder can handle just about any beverage.   You can mountit  quickly and easily on any boat or RVs.  Just flip up the smaller ring up to hold small sized drinks; for larger sized drinks, flip the small ring down and utilize the large ring.  When you aren’t using your cup holder, just flip down the rings and close the cover and it hides out of your way.  This is made by the Attwood company, well known for producing high quality accessories for the boating and recreational vehicle industry.  This folding cup holder is sure to provide you many years of enjoyment for your boat.


Attwood Dual Ring Folding Drink Holder Product Features:


Anonymous says:

The center ring won’t stay up so it’s difficult to put a drink in there while you are driving since you need two hands to do this.

Anonymous says:

I got this for my Honda CRX that has no cup holders and little elbow room. When it first arrived, it seemed really loose and I was afraid it wouldn’t stay shut. Still, I mounted similar cup holders in my old 1974 914 and loved them. So, I used rivot pliars with washers to securely mount it, rather than screws. If you use screws, then you might want to use some lock tite to keep it from rattling free, because securing the back tightly to the car is what makes the parts stiff. You don’t want it folding out of it’s own accord every time you take a turn.The construction of the holder itself is average for these types of cup holders. They do the job, but if you kick it it might break. It is all plastic.

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