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KassWinns LCR Red Marine Liquid Caddy Beverage Holder

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KassWinns LCR Red Marine Liquid Caddy Beverage Holder

Liquid Caddy keeps a cool drink close at hand on your boat. Attach this drink holder nearly anywhere. The Liquid Caddy is the perfect place to put your beverage when you’re boating or fishing. It gives you hands-free convenience so you can hold a rod and reel, drive the boat or tend the anchor. Just pull and twist the bottom of the cupholder and it will automatically adjust its length and diameter for a perfect fit. Other features: Insulated neoprene holder keeps drinks cold; Comes with a variety of mounting accessories including a VELCRO brand strap for small and large diameter tubes and a triple suction cup mount; A cool idea! Pick yours and order today! AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Liquid Caddy, Gray; Liquid Caddy, Green; Liquid Caddy, White; Liquid Caddy, Blue; Liquid Caddy, Black – word search in our store for ‘Liquid Caddy’. Liquid Caddy, Red

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BE Babe says:

Works on my treadmill I needed a cup holder for my treadmill. I used the velcro mounting option to attach the Liquid Caddy to the handlebar and it works great! FYI – the velcro mount actually has an additional velcro extension attached to it. You have to remove the extra velcro attachment. I couldn’t figure out how to get it around the bar until I realized that the extension was attached.

Bernadette says:

Just what I needed My treadmill does not have a cup holder. This is perfect. It would even be great for a bicycle because it stays upright despite movement.

Anonymous says:

I bought this for a friend to use on their walker and they loved it. It mounts many different ways so it fits almost anything.

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