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Liquid Caddy Drink Holder

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Liquid Caddy Drink Holder

4 Free Attachments Included!This innovative beverage holder is designed to attach almost anywhere. Features an insulating neoprene liner. The mounting options included allow for suction mount, rail mount and clip mount.

Sh. Wt. 2 lbs.

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Ajay says:

Broke in the First 30 Seconds I clamped this to my bike handlebars to hold a cup of coffee on my way to work. Was easy to attach, the gimbal mount worked as advertised, held my cup just fine. Took it for a test ride out of my company parking lot, went (slowly) over the lip of the driveway onto the street, and Crack! the arm attaching one side of the holder broke. Useless.

BE Babe says:

Works on my treadmill I needed a cup holder for my treadmill. I used the velcro mounting option to attach the Liquid Caddy to the handlebar and it works great! FYI – the velcro mount actually has an additional velcro extension attached to it. You have to remove the extra velcro attachment. I couldn’t figure out how to get it around the bar until I realized that the extension was attached.

J. Lim says:

Good drink holder for a motorcycle / Vespa I bought this as a gift for the recipient to use it on his motorcycle and/or Vespa. The recipient is using the 3 suction cups to hold the drink holder in place, and it holds up really well (even when riding on the interstate highway). He’s really liking it, so I would recommend to anybody else looking to purchase this drink holder.

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