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Bell Self Adjusting Octopus Boat Cup Holder

Pinned on June 27, 2012 at 8:57 pm by admin

Bell Self Adjusting Octopus Boat Cup Holder

This Bell Octopus boat cup holder is easy to use and self adjusting so it holds any sized drinks easily.  With the non-slip base, this sturdy boat cup holder is ideal for keeping on the center console or galley table, and the octopus springs keep drinks from rattling or falling out.  Made from high impact plastic, this is a perfect boat cup holder that is easy to use and easy to store.

Octopus Boat Cup Holder Product Features


A. Kazemian says:

Great product for cars w/o cup holders! These cup holders work perfect in the multiple cars I have used them in. If you have a flat carpeted area underneath your armrest that is wide enough, it will work perfect there. You may need to weigh it down/wedge it in there to get a nice firm mount, but I have little reservation using it free standing. It can also be used just sitting on the floor, next to the center console. Pretty much any flat surface will do, some places may require some sort of attachment (velcro, magnets, screws, tie straps, whatever). One of those 48oz cups with the soda-can-sized bottom may tip this thing over if it is not secured, other than that its great, and the price is right!

Rick C. says:

Bell CO51 Octopus Cup Holder Great cup holder, will hold most sizes, needs some way to hold base in place so as not to slip around, I used velcro strips and this worked very well.

First Premier Bank "Racingbabe" says:

Cup Holder This is a great product. Especially for larger drinks. It sits well if you have an older vehicle that has a stick shift. It’s great for a motorhome as well. It is practical.

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