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Seasense Stainless Steel Recessed Boat Cup Holder

Pinned on June 19, 2012 at 11:16 pm by Harold Dubois

Seasense Stainless Steel Recessed Boat Cup Holder

SeaSense Stainless Steel Recessed Boat Cup Holder

Get in style with this self draining stainless steel recessed boat cup holder. Install almost anywhere; table, counter top, dashboard, seatback, etc. Replaces plastic drop-in boat cup holders with ease. Made of stainless steel for supreme corrosion resistance. Includes drain with hose barb, mounting gasket and internal pad. Installation requires a 3-3/4″ hole.

Price is only for Item# LJ-3676066: SeaSense SS RECESSED BOAT CUP HOLDER 50091038.

NOTE: International delivery is not available except Canada.

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girls fish 2 says:

Great look Everythings great, but I had to do 2 things. I had to wrap duct tape around the base of each one to make a snug fit in all 11 of my holes so they didn’t wabble and rattle. That is probably a boat thing and not the products fault. Next, I pulled the rubber fittings out of the bottom of them and put a dab of silicon. I didn’t want any water that went into the cup holders to drip into my carpeted compartments. They really dressed up my deck boat and look great!

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