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Amarine Made (Set of 3) Black Recessed Plastic Cup Drink Can Holder with Drain for Boat Car Marine Rv - Black

  • Dimensions: 3-1/2" H - 3 1/2"ID, 4 1/8" OD, with flange
  • Install almost anywhere on boat, game table, sofa, cars and RV.
  • With drain holes in the bottom to keep moisture away
  • Install almost anywhere; table, counter top, dashboard, seatback, etc.
  • No Mounting Screws Required Smooth Finish For Easy Clean Up

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Customer image

I bought these cupholders for a side table I was making to go next to our couch in the basement. One reviewer said he cut a 3.5" hole, another said 3.75". I wanted to err on the side of caution, so I cut a 3.5" hole with my Jasper circle cutting router jig while waiting for these to arrive. Upon arrival I noticed that they were too large for the holes I'd cut (yeah I probably should've waited). After enlarging the hole with a jigsaw, I measured the inner diameters of my cuts as being between 3.6875" (3 11/16") and 3.75" (3 3/4"). The lip covers the hole edge on the 3.75", so for anyone else interested I recommend making a 3.75" hole for best fit. The other hole fit, but was much tighter to get in.

As for the cupholders themselves, they're somewhat thick molded plastic. The lips and interior was smooth, and it sits flush in the hole fine. The cupholders fit nearly all my beverages, at least all the ones that are 'reasonable'. See attached photos for some examples of what I had handy. I'm not planning to use the drain hole, so I filed it down and filled with a squirt of hot glue. The two tiers are a nice compromise for a wide variety of containers.