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Amarine Made 4Pcs Recessed Drop in Plastic Cup Drink Can Holder with Drain for Boat Car Marine Rv (White)

  • Dimensions: 3-1/2" H - 3 1/2"ID, 4 1/8" OD, with flange.Bottom of Cup Outside Diameter: 2.86 inches(7.27cm);With 0.12"ID (0.28" OD) drain holes in the bottom to keep moisture away.
  • Fit a variety of glass and canned containers.But the Yetis and tumblers do not fit this, botton is smaller that does fit perfect for 12 oz cans or solo cups,or 20oz soda or water bottle.
  • The drain port makes it extremely convenient. Run water or rain down from the drain port to the outboard side of the boat and there's no more worrying about having to empty out the cupholders every time it rains or someone spills.
  • No Mounting Screws Required Smooth Finish For Easy Clean Up
  • Install almost anywhere on boat, game table, sofa, car,RV, table, counter top, dashboard, seatback,etc.

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Car Cup Holders

Universal White Recessed Drop in Plastic Cup Drink Can Holder with Drain Hole for Furntiture Sofa Poker Table Car Boat Marine Rv

This cup holder insert has a convenient drain hole in the bottom to drain away excess moisture.

It is able to hold any normal sized beverage can and some cups depending on the size. Suggested mounting locations tables, counter-tops, seat backs, drivers console etc.

The cup holder can perfectly hold your large or small bottles as long as their size fit.

Perfect fit your Poker, Game table or Pool tables, Boats, Marine, Yacht, RV's, Patios, Cars, decks,Caravan, trailers or Sofa, Furniture and gaming tables,Recreational Vehicles.

Customer reviews

I needed two of these for my pontoon boat as the old ones were lost a long time ago. I made up my mind this season was the season to do something about it. They are good quality plastic and they fit perfectly. I have two left over in case I ever lose or damage either. I looked at a lot of more expensive spun aluminum drink holders and came the conclusion they would be over-kill and over-priced for what I needed. These are perfect and they look great.