Wangyihan LED Stainless Steel Cup Drink Holder

Wangyihan LED Stainless Steel Cup Drink Holder with Drain for Marine Boat Rv Camper Car Caravan Truck.


Aplication: Boat / Yacht / Truck / Car / Apartment / RV

  • 1. Convenient,corrosion-resistant for your drinks (cups, cans, etc) during your voyage
  • 2. High-grade quality, high polished stainless steel material, specifically designed for marine applications
  • 3. Equipped with firm coaster, to reduce noise and prevent drink container from sliding
  • 4. 8 LED Blue Lights: Nice blue glow make your boat looks very bright and cool, you can wire them into a switch and you can turn on and off anytime, or you can spin off the bottom screws and take out the LED lights when you don't want to turn on the light during the day

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